Sunday, April 15, 2018

Needs and Wants

Sunday Morning, April 15 - This morning before work I was feeling extremely pensive. I was thinking back to when we were first opening The Secret Garden in early 2002 and our son (only 9 at the time) wanted to know how we were going to make a living selling things nobody needed. (He always was an intelligent and thoughtful child and I'm sure we'd had many a discussion explaining the difference between needing and wanting). And then my brain fast forwarded to the past few weeks when I've watched our store come alive with Spring color and with the heavy traffic of people through our gates.

I'm specifically remembering the lady who came in this last week to find a little something to celebrate her "cancer free" diagnosis just that morning. She said she knew she had to come here. Then there was the man who came in because he was missing his late wife and he wanted to walk through her favorite store to "feel her here". I'm remembering the young couple that got engaged during one of our succulent events because that's her favorite hobby. I'm thinking of the daughter, the mom and the grandmother who came in to have a playdate together at one of our workshops. These customers come to The Secret Garden because it a place of beauty, of nurturing, of positive energy that they need at that moment. 

So all this to say, that I'm feeling grateful that we have indeed created a business that does have something that people NEED. I'm thankful to my husband who works tirelessly beside me to maintain it. I'm thankful to our amazing team of employees who strive to deliver that extra something special every day. And I'm thankful to our clientele for continuing to support us. Our motto has always been "So Much More Than a Garden Store" and I'm feeling this morning that we've lived up to that. 

Thanks for letting me ramble....


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