Monday, August 20, 2018

Khal us Krazy

I have an apology to make. You see I recently realized that at one time or another during the past 16 years you entrusted us with your email address. You counted on us to write you and let you know what was going on at The Secret Garden. I was faithful. I wrote monthly. We had a good relationship you and I. But then I met a couple of new friends. They were cool and edgy and we started hanging out a lot. I don’t have to write them long letters, they don’t have time for that. Just a quick note or even a picture is enough. But over time I felt something was lacking and I realized I missed our lengthy correspondences. Facebook and Instagram are great, but a good letter really bares the soul and covers all the details doesn’t it? So here you go with a new email/blog post, after an unplanned absence, with all the juicy details.

This summer has been a very busy one at the store.  Not just busy with customers but busy with renovation projects. After almost 9 years at our “new” location, we’re working to make the Secret Garden experience more comfortable for everyone. Khal us Krazy but we’ve been adding DG (decomposed granite) to over an acre of pathways throughout the garden. This is transforming the look of the store as well as making it more comfortable and more accessible for those with strollers or wheelchairs. The difference is remarkable and speaking as someone who was walking on those awful rocks every day, it has made a world of difference. 

Have you strolled through the nursery lately? Newcomers to the store don’t even realize that we only started carrying plants 4 years ago. Khal us Krazy that we launched the new nursery during the drought years! But it was because of the drought and a belief that we should all be growing more sustainable plants in our landscaping that we focused on succulents, cacti and drought tolerant perennials. That decision has led us to where we are today. A destination nursery that draws succulent fans from hundreds of miles to shop our vast selection. If you haven’t been in for a while, Fall Garden Faire & Plant Sale (Sept 15/16) might be a good time to visit. All plants will be 15% off and Fall is a great time to plant. The cooler temperatures allow the plants to establish healthy root systems before the onslaught of Sacramento’s summer heat. 

Pssst....I’ll let you in on a secret because we’re old friends.....we’ve got some exciting new growth planned for this nursery department in the coming year. (Pun intended!)

The great Maya Angelou wrote “When you learn, teach.” Following that sentiment, we have continued to expand our workshop series. Last year we hired and trained two “outside presenters” who have been teaching our succulent workshops in breweries and wineries from here to Lodi. It’s a great program for us, as we get to meet people who may have never even been in the store ... YET! It’s also a great program for you too, as succulents go beautifully with a cold beer and/or a great glass of wine! Our in-store workshops are also still in full swing and there is always something fun to learn and do, from mosaic work to mandala rock painting and everything in between. So if you don’t use Facebook or Instagram where these classes are regularly posted, be sure to check out the website regularly to see what classes we have scheduled.

So that’s it for now. This next month will be busy with workshops, Garden Faire, and we’re even throwing our daughter’s wedding reception out in the garden in October! Khal Us Krazy!

Thank you for being you,

Jennifer & Victor Khal

The Secret Garden

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